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Ergonomic Desk Setup - 5 Best Buys for Ultimate Comfort

No one can argue that working a desk job all day takes its toll on your back, neck, shoulders, and wrists. That's why an ergonomic desk setup is so important.

What does ergonomic mean? Simply put, the item was designed with efficiency, safety, and comfort in mind, so you can use it for long periods without feeling pain or discomfort.

Let's remedy your chronic back pain and bad posture with a stellar ergonomic desk setup.

Office setup with computer, accessories, stationary, bookshelf, and plant

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5 Best Ergonomic Office Buys



Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chair, displaying different features

Are you struggling with back pain? I always gravitate towards chairs with visible lumbar support, whether an extra lumbar pillow or built-in lumbar support.

I also look for chairs that have adjustable everything! This allows you to make minor adjustments for your ultimate comfort.

Mesh chairs are a great option because of their breathable fabric, and they're easy to clean. However, if you prefer a fabric or leather chair, there are plenty of ergonomic options.



Ergonomic office desk

Ergonomic height adjustable standing desk with monitor, laptop, desk accessories, pull out keyboard tray

I'm a big advocate for standing desks. I sit behind a computer for most of the day, most days of the week, and let me tell you, having the option to stand and work is life-changing.

Do an ergonomic assessment of your (home) office, and if you're unsure how to calculate the ergonomic height for your desk and monitor, check out this calculator for measurements.



Ergonomic office footrest

Ergonomic adjustable footrest in livingroom

Many people don't think about this, but your desk and chair heights matter when sitting down.

Often these cannot be adjusted for optimal comfort, and that's where a footrest comes in.

If you haven't tried putting your feet on something while sitting down, you're missing some serious relief. So try it out right now, grab something solid, and put your feet up under your desk - do it!

It makes a world of difference.



Ergonomic mouse

Hands on ergonomic vertical mouse and traditional mouse

An ergonomic mouse, what's that? By changing the way you position your wrist and arm while using a mouse, you will effectively reduce pain and discomfort.

I want you to look at the first image. If you're clicking on a mouse now, turn your wrist as demonstrated in the top picture - immediately more comfortable, right?!

It puts your hand and arm in a neutral "handshake" position, which reduces overall strain. Doesn't it convince you to invest in an ergonomic mouse?



Ergonomic (split) keyboard

Natural hand posture on ergonomic split keyboard with drawing

Look at the drawing in the corner. Need I say more? Does it not make more sense than a standard keyboard?

Even just looking at the image made me relax my shoulders and adjust my posture.


The Bottom Line

Why aren't all (home) offices filled with ergonomic furniture and accessories? Imagine working at a desk all day but without pain and discomfort. Lucky for you, it doesn't have to stay in your imagination. Have a look through these again and decide to invest in yourself. There are so many color and design options that you'll most certainly find a style you love. Create your workspace for optimal efficiency to benefit you in the long run, and start looking forward to spending time at your desk.

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