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The 5 Best Reading Chairs - You'll Never Want to Get Up

Is there anything that beats the comfiest, yummiest, snuggliest, and bestest chair you can melt into after a long day, week, month, or year? No! Well, yes, but no! I spend a lot of time sitting, working, chilling, lounging, reading, writing, typing...doing all them seated things, and I love me a good chair.

Get ready to add-to-cart because these chair options will have you begging to treat yourself.

Reading nook, book, glasses, plants

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HollyHOME Lazy Chair

Green tufted lazy chair

This chair looks like it feels like a hug. There are millions of color options (not millions, but you get me). It's easy to assemble, comfy, and sturdy.

This chair is so snug you won't be able to share it with anyone...if you're surrounded by level 5 clingers - get this chair, and nobody will be able to get near you.



Saucer Chair

Foldable saucer chair

Snuggling on a cloud is what this is! No assembly is required, and it's big enough to curl up and fall asleep.

It's sturdy, cozy, pretty, and can fold away if it's too tempting to have it open and in your line of sight all the time.



Swivel Lounge Chair

Lounge gamer chair

Imagine melting into this one at the end of a long day.

It's low on the floor and perfect for that sunny corner you've been meaning to decorate.

This is more of a gaming chair (you can see it, can't you, gamers with headphones, leaning forward in complete focus, fingers wiggling frantically), but who's to say it can't be the perfect reading chair?



Oversized Accent Chair

Oversized accent chair

So big and comfy - perfect for sharing or arranging your limbs in whatever way your heart desires.

I'm a huge fan of oversized furniture, probably because I like space to fold my legs onto. But, of course, you might never get up when you lounge on this one.



Mervynn Mid-Century Chair

Recliner chair with footrest

A chair that reclines with a footrest - yassss.

You have multiple color options, it's easy to assemble, and it's so comfortable that you'll buy two for no reason!


The Bottom Line

Treat your bum to the comfiest chair you can find, don't argue; do it. Number 4 is my favorite; let me know which one you prefer in the comments.


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