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5 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair

Ah, the dreaded pet hairs clinging to everything. All you want is a quick, affordable solution that works, whether it's lint rollers, sticking down tape and ripping it off, or folding your pet in plastic to keep them from shedding (joking!).

With the right vacuum cleaner, this job becomes much easier and quicker. And lucky for you, a vacuum that reckons with pet hair won't struggle with much else - it'll be money well spent.

Give this post a read if you're interested in other pet care products; otherwise, let's get to it!

dog looking at vacuum

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5 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair




Bissell vacuum

The reviews on this one are magnificent. You know it's good when people comment that they're both disgusted and amazed at what this bad boy managed to suck out of their carpets.

Some are saying this Bissell really a good way, lol. Others are pondering if what they've been doing before this miracle can even be called cleaning.

What makes it even better is that when you purchase one of these, a % goes to the Bissell Pet Foundation, which aims to help save homeless pets.




Shark vacuum

Once you go Shark, you don't go back. The reviews are rife with repeat buyers of this brand, and people wax lyrical about this gem's power, maneuverability, and durability.

If you look at the pet power brush included, you will understand how no pet hair stands a chance.




Hoover vacuum with accessories

The main talking point on this one? The power. Followed by the big dirt cup, big enough to clean multiple rooms before having to empty the container.

Reviewers also shed tears of joy at the length of the power cord; go figure.




Eureka vacuum with accessories

After using this one, you'll describe your previous vacuums as "worthless pieces of trash."

When reviewers start typing in all caps, screaming how good this vacuum is, you know you won't even remember what pet hair problems are.

It has a washable filter to suck up a wet or dry mess without stress.




Belife vacuum with accessories

Don't walk, RUN, and buy this one. It has lights, batteries, multiple charging options, and functional accessories.

This machine will suck up those annoying hairs in no time, and as a bonus, Belife has excellent customer service.


The Bottom Line

Invest in your sanity and buy yourself one of these absolute beasts. There's no point in resenting your pets because their hair sticks to EVERYTHING, for crying out loud. Instead, make your life easier and get a machine that will suck the living fluff out of your carpets, upholstery, clothes, nooks, and crannies, up high and down low.


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