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13 Benefits Of Timeboxing - Boost Your Productivity

You've discovered timeboxing - a time management technique that involves allocating a fixed amount of time for each task, but you have questions.

How do you timebox? How good can it be? How much more productive does it actually make you? Is this time management technique worth all the hype? Can it help you achieve your goals?

Let's look at the list of benefits, and you can decide for yourself.

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13 Benefits Of Timeboxing

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1. More Control

You will feel more in control. Timeboxing allows you to be strict with how you spend your time.

You'll more easily eliminate interruptions and distractions because you have a time limit and a deadline.


2. More Productive

You will be substantially more productive. We often spend more time on a task than we should, just because we have the time available, rather than how long the task should objectively take.

For example, you could discover that a task that usually takes 1 hour to complete can be done in 15 minutes solely because you're focused. Imagine how much more you can get done in a day!

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3. Better Prioritizing

You say you're a great multitasker but don't seem to get anything done.

This is because you constantly switch between tasks and lose more time than you realize.

Timeboxing narrows your focus to one activity at a time, but it also reassures your brain that you'll switch and get through your other tasks once you have completed each one.


4. Better Decision Making

Timeboxing will limit the amount of time you spend on low-value activities. Timeboxing might prove to be a lifesaver if you struggle to make decisions or want everything to be perfect before continuing.

You'll be (forced) to complete tasks in order to move on to the next one - no time for analysis paralysis.

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5. Better Prediction

Here's an example:

If you know you need to hand in a project 36 hours from now, but you also know that your team needs 8 hours to check your edit, you'll know exactly when and where to place your timeboxes for these specific tasks.

You'll accurately schedule your tasks to get the right things done at the right time.


6. Better Communication

You'll communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Shared calendars are the norm in many companies. If all of your critical work is on your calendar, your colleagues can see it. As a result, everyone has the opportunity to plan their schedules to fit the needs of the business best.

You can also implement this with family and friends to finally plan that weekend away.

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7. Better Record Keeping

You'll have a comprehensive record of what you've done. It's an excellent way of tracking your work for the week/ month/ year.

Have a performance review coming up? Use your past timeboxing schedule to map out your accomplishments effectively.


8. Identify Productivity Levels

You'll be able to measure your productivity levels. For example, we all have peak periods where we're most focused; timeboxing will allow you to identify those periods.

You can then schedule high-priority work during your peak productive periods.


9. More Balance

Eliminate burnout. Your timeboxing schedule is very visual - you'll quickly see when you overcommit yourself and will have time to correct it.

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10. Eliminate Procrastinating

Most of the time, you only have to get yourself to start and then happily complete a task you've been putting off.

The rule is to start doing a task as soon as your calendar reminds you it's time to finish it.


11. Better Organization

Timeboxing will help you become more organized. Since you have specified a time limit for your work, you'll learn to organize your tasks to complete them within the time limit.

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12. Easily Complete Big Tasks

Sometimes you have a big task that seems too daunting and impossible. Break it into smaller tasks.

Will it take you three days to complete the enormous task? Schedule an hour or two every day to work on this task, and suddenly it becomes much more manageable.

You'll feel productive, accomplished, and energized to get it done once you start.


13. Goal-Oriented

Timeboxing is a goal-oriented method; you are not just limiting your time on a task but setting a goal for yourself; to accomplish the task within time.


The Bottom Line

Give timeboxing a try and enjoy the benefits of a more productive life. Only do this if you are ready to see your time management dramatically improve! There's nothing like being pleasantly surprised at how productive you can be. See yourself achieve your goals one by one in no time!


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