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9 Thanksgiving Table Decorations That Are Easy To Do

The holiday season is the perfect time to bring family and friends together over a meal and enjoy each other's company. But, when you're hosting a large gathering, it can be difficult to come up with easy-to-do Thanksgiving decorations every year.

The great thing about the basics listed here is that you can go all out or keep it simple. There's also no shame in reusing the same decor year after year; in fact, the environment thanks you for that!

Fall wreath above "give thanks" written on brown paper

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9 Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations





Garlands are an excellent way to bring color and life to your table. The size of your table doesn't matter, add a garland, and it's immediately festive. Add decor items to the garland, like candles, flowers, and pumpkins, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Put some of these items on a cakestand to add height and visual interest. If you want to go all out, string a few garlands above your table for a dramatic statement. If you have a mantelpiece, drape some on there as well.

Table set for a meal, green garland, candles, cake on a cake stand in middle




Real or fake, adding a pumpkin or two to your table will get everyone in the spirit of Thanksgiving. If an orange color palette is too much for you this year, why don't you paint your pumpkins white, silver, or even gold? Place a few on your table, by your front door and fireplace, and strategically all over your home as conversation starters.

Flowers and pumpkins outside




What's dinner without candles for ambiance? When you've decided on your color palette, get some candles and candle holders to match. Consider dark vases to diffuse the light beautifully. Candles are one of those household staples that you use again and again; treat yourself to some new ones with no guilt.

Burning candles, dried leaves on table




Any wreath reminds me of people coming together, maybe because it's mainly used when people gather - Christmas, Thanksgiving, weddings, etc. What's great about a wreath is that you can customize it to your theme by adding or removing elements. Hang these on a wall, against a window, on your doors, on the backs of chairs, or place them on your table as a centerpiece.

Green wreath with scissors on table




Now's the time to unpack the glassware you inherited but never used. You know, those old ones with interesting patterns and shapes. If you have a primarily neutral color palette, bringing in colorful glasses is an excellent way to introduce subtle colors. If you have vases, but they're not the right color - paint them! Don't have any of these in your home? Go thrift shopping for eclectic finds, or browse through hundreds of glass options from the comfort of your own home.

Glasses and vases casting shadows on white




Be a friend to the environment and invest in cloth napkins. There are endless options in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes. Spice things up with how you place the napkins on the table - use napkin holders, fold in shapes, and place them on, under, or next to the plates; go wild!

Table setting with napkin on plate




Here's another chance for you to be creative. What is a placemat? It's a flat surface to place your plates on. It can be cloth, wood, bamboo, glass, tile, vinyl, PVC, leather, hemp, rattan, shall I go on? Stick to your color palette, do a bit of research on the material you like, and then go shopping.

Stack of napkins tied with string


Name holders


When throwing a big party, it's always nice for guests to know where to sit. Especially if guests don't know each other that well, having an assigned spot is easier on everyone. Choosing out of the hundreds of options can be overwhelming, but if you stick to your color palette, it should narrow down your search. Play around with textures, heights, and shapes. Don't be afraid to mix and match; it's your table; make it as interesting as you want.

Blank name tag on a pine cone


Blankets and Pillows


If you're setting up in your backyard, consider making it cozy with blankets and a few scatter cushions. Update your pillowcases to match your color palette, and add some texture and patterns.

Patterned cloths

The Bottom Line

Thanksgiving is a time to be together, and be thankful, so don't sweat the small things. Have fun putting together your table, use what you have, and don't be afraid to bring the outdoors inside. Decide on your color palette, go thrifting to find a statement piece or two, dig in your cupboards for decor items from years gone by, and start decorating!

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