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7 Plant Accessories And Gadgets (that make great gifts)

Tell me which one you are.

1. You have a house full of plants and need accessories and gadgets to make your life easier.

2. You're new to having plants and are looking for tools to help keep your plant babies alive.

3. You have a friend...ahem...who's obsessed with all things plants, and you'd like to surprise them with a thoughtful gift.

Whichever one you are - these gadgets are for you.

Anonymous person watering indoor plants

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Moisture Meter

3 in 1 soil tester, moisture meter

If you're prone to over or underwatering your plants, get one of these. It takes the guesswork out of when to water your plants.

You get different variations of this meter. For example, some can only measure the moisture content, while others can measure moisture, light, and the pH of the soil.

Tip: Press the meter deep into the soil and leave it for a few minutes to get an accurate reading.



Moisture Drip

Water drip in pot plant

How cool?! A drip for plants!

Get this, you're going away for a week and don't want to go through the hassle of getting someone to come water your plants. This water drip fixes that exact problem!

Fill it up, stick it in a pot, adjust the drip settings, and Bob's your uncle. Enjoy your time away.



Plant Shelf

6 Tier plant shelf with plants

Going vertical is your best option if you have a small space but absolutely need all your plants.

This one is tall and narrow, and if the shape or color isn't for you, there are thousands of shelf options.



Plant Clips

Pothos with green plant clips against wall

These are for you if you have vines that are getting messy and all over the place.

Stick the clips to the wall and clip your vines where you'd want them to grow.

I cannot be-leaf....get easy it is to use these and how well they blend in with the actual plant.



Grow Light

Plant grow light over pot plants

If your home doesn't get a lot of natural light - here's your solution! These lights emit light similar to sunlight and will keep your plants happy for hours and hours.

It might even do you some good to sit under one of these yourself...

If you're unsure why plants need adequate light, read this post on common indoor plant problems.



Indoor Insect Trap

Yellow butterfly insect traps

You have gnats and other flying insects circling your plants - now what?

These sticky insect traps are safe and easy to use; they come in cute shapes and trap nasty buggers in no time.



Novelty Planter

Pot planter with glasses, blue smile

I just had to throw in this last one - a pot with personality! You can draw on it, it has a nose and ears on which to rest your glasses, and your plant looks like the hair!

Trust me; any plant lover will chuckle when you gift them this pot.


The Bottom Line

Nowadays, it's getting easier and easier to take care of your plants successfully. There are plenty of plant accessories and gadgets to be found, and the best part is that most of them also make great gifts!


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