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8 Gifts That Are Easy To Mail (for the Whole Family)

Shopping for gifts has never been easier. Let online stores do the hard work for you.

All you have to do is choose a thoughtful gift, pay, and ship, and that's it! Your part is done. You're not involved in any of the nitty-gritty. Within minutes you can resume being a couch potato.

If you're looking for more gift ideas, check out these gifts for plant lovers or surprise your friends with animals with useful pet care products.

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Something for everyday use

Burt's Bees essential kit

Who doesn't enjoy a thoughtful care package?

Burt's Bees use responsible sourcing, is cruelty-free, has recyclable packaging, and is carbon neutral certified.

If none of these things mean anything to you - the thoughtfulness and cute packaging will surely get you some "oooohs."



Something comfortable

the Comfy hoodies and socks

I want to be hugged by a fluffy cloud - yes, please!

Very few things beat warming up quickly after coming back frozen from the outside. Throw this on, and you'll be snug as a bug.

With the Comfy, you can take your warmth with you. Go on, wrap yourself in happiness while you waddle through the house.



Something for the kitchen

Powerlix milk frother

I love a good creamy coffee. You can take this handy little tool anywhere - travel, camping, parties, holidays, anniversaries, etc.

It'll take 20 seconds to make perfect foam, and it works with any milk you choose.

Not a coffee drinker? Use it to shake up cocktails, beat eggs, and mix salad dressing.



Something for the office

Things I want to say at work but can't coloring book

We all know someone who works in an office and the frustration with functioning in that environment.

This coloring book will have them giggle, guffaw, shriek, snort, roar, cackle, chortle, and chuckle.

The mirth and merriment provided while coloring this book know no bounds.



Something for the couple

Date night ideas scratch cards

This one is a bit cheeky since you'll only buy one gift for two people...saving you a buck or two.

Finding inspiration to keep things interesting can be a pain if you've been in a relationship for a long time.

Surprise your friends with fun and exciting date night ideas.



Something for the fit friends

Dacorm sport massager

I wish someone would buy this one for me...nudge-nudge, wink-wink. My whole body is in knots all the time.

This deep tissue massager comes with seven adjustable speeds, interchangeable massage heads, a travel case, and a guarantee of pain...the good kind, though.



Something convenient

silicone cough tray

Everyone can use this nifty little tray!

This is perfect if you don't have a space for a coffee table in your living room.

Or if you're just that lazy and cannot for the life of you reach 3 feet in front of you to grab the remote.

Put this non-slip, no-spill, portable, food-grade silicone goody on your couch and have all you need within arm's reach.



Something easy

Amazon gift card

Some people love gift cards, while others think they are too impersonal and not thoughtful. I'm the first one.

What's not to love? You can choose what you want when you want it.

Gift cards are the easiest, safest gift you can give, as long as it's from a place the person enjoys shopping at, duh.


The Bottom Line

Don't overcomplicate finding gifts. Make it easy for yourself by making someone else do the hard work of wrapping, packing, shipping, and delivering. Sit down, and relax; your work is done.


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