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5 Storage Ideas For Small Spaces - Tables and Shelves

I LOVE anything that is multifunctional. In this post, I'll put you on some storage ideas for small spaces. These will make it easy for you to organize and optimize your space.

I've also done posts on office ideas for small spaces and ideas for your laundry room - go check them out.

The best part about the storage options in this post? If you get tired of the way it looks - paint it! Or, sometimes I use furniture in the 'wrong' place because...why not? Just because you bought it as a unit doesn't mean it has to stay as one. Take pieces from the one and use them with the other, or in a different room - the possibilities are endless!

Blue house bookshelf with open glass door

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5 Storage Ideas For Small Spaces



(Suzanne) 3-piece Space Saver

Dark wood table folded open with chair and one drawer open

Strictly speaking, this one isn't really 'storage,' but how cool!

Use it as a coffee station, or it can open bigger to serve as a small table, with two chairs you can store underneath. It has two drawers, hanging space...AND it's on wheels!

This will bring ease and versatility to your kitchen, breakfast nook, den, living room, bedroom, and every room! And if it's in the way, roll it away.



(Panana) 3 Piece Table Set

Narrow table with built in shelves and two chairs

This piece can be used in your kitchen, patio, living room, entryway, or bedroom. Let's break this down.

As the picture shows, it's quite obvious how it can be used in the kitchen and on the patio. I love that it has small shelves on the side.

Living room? Use it as a bookshelf, small work desk, or by a window to drink your morning coffee while you journal.

In the entryway, use it to store keys, shoes, bags, and random knickknacks.

In the bedroom - vanity table! Stand a mirror on top and put your makeup on the shelves on the side - voila!



(All-Around) Bakers Rack

Tiered shelf with hooks, a basket, and imbedded outlet points

I like this one because you can change the structure simply by not screwing on the top part.

If you have a big appliance and need extra top space, don't screw on the top perch with the outlet points. Bob's your uncle.

There are many versions of this 'bakers rack,' but the fact that this one has outlet points connected to it adds something special.

Use this in the kitchen; it has S-hooks, a wire basket, and enough room for pans, utensils, drinks, spices, and more.

Use it in the living room as a coffee station or bookshelf, and store your extra blankets and pillows on the shelves. In the bedroom, it can be extra closet space or put your TV on top so you can lie in bed watching your favorite movies.



Wire Cube Storage

Coated steel cube storage shelf with items displayed

Man, oh man, does this one make me happy! It's customizable, made with quality coated steel, and it takes minutes to build and customize!

You can build it as one big shelf or multiple smaller shelves; you can build it in different shapes; you can use it against a wall or as a room divider.

It goes in any room, and if you don't need all the cubbies in one room, build another shelf in a different room - magical!



3 Tier Cart (Interchange Shelves and Baskets)

Tiered cart with interchangeable shelves and baskets with items on display

Ooh, this one's a goody! Interchangeable shelves and baskets! Arrange it how you need it and change it often to fit your mood.

Again, you can use this one in any room in your house.

It's nice and narrow; you can probably fit it next to your washing machine (store detergents and cleaning products), next to your stove (spice rack), by your desk (books and stationery), in your bathroom (beauty products and extra towels) get my drift.


The Bottom Line

Things can have more than one purpose, and just because your space is limited doesn't mean you have to stick to one plan. The trick is to think about what you need and then buy something that can fold small, serve more than one function, and is easy to move.


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