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6 Storage Ideas For Your Laundry Room

You're either really proud or really embarrassed about your laundry room. It's a room where no guests venture, so sometimes we're okay with it looking drab and messy.

I love doing laundry (not the packing away part), but I love putting dirty clothes in the washing machine and hanging clean items out to dry. A big part of my love for laundry comes from enjoying my laundry room setup.

If you're running out of ideas for your laundry room, let me share some practical items to organize this space. Already have a laundry room you love but need inspiration for other rooms? Look at these storage ideas for small spaces, or get ideas for your home office.

White laundry room with washing machine, plants, and storage space

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6 Ideas For Your Laundry Room



Contain it

Clear storage containers with cleaning products inside

First, you probably have all your laundry detergents, stain removers, and sanitizers in a cupboard somewhere.

To keep your cupboard tidy, place them in clear storage containers that you can quickly move and restock.

Woven baskets with handles for easy carry

Opt for sturdy woven baskets if you prefer putting your cleaning products on display. Pick a color and stick with it; staying within a neutral color palette will sophisticate your space.



Hamper it

Laundry hamper on wheels divided into dark, light, and color compartments

We all know about 'the chair,' right? That one chair where you pile all your clothes that eventually goes into the washing machine because it's easier than to sort through it.

Give 'the chair' a break and get yourself a hamper. There are many great options, but I love these two.

Grey laundry hamper with lid and removal laundry bags

Both have dividers as part of the design, which means you can separate your clothes as you throw them in; that's one less thing to do on laundry day.

One is on wheels, and you can detach the baskets for easy carry, need I say more? And the other has removable laundry bags; no need to carry the whole hamper around anymore.



Cart it

Cart on wheels with basket and hanging space

Look at these. Just look at them—multifunctional heaven. You can use these before, during, and after laundry day. A cart on wheels with a basket and hanging space. Noice.

The basket can be your hamper if you don't want to invest in a separate one. Hang clothes to dry, pack laundry back in the basket, wheel it to your closet, and unpack.

Laundry hamper on wheels with iron board on top

The next one is just as magical. A hamper divided in three, on wheels, with space to iron on top - genius!



Hang it (inside)

Foldable tall clothing drying rack on wheels

Not everyone is lucky enough to have space outside for a clothesline. But fear not, drying racks are ever so popular, and one of the best things about them is that they're foldable to be stored when not in use.

I have both of these, and they both do their job perfectly.

Foldable clothing drying rack

What I like about the tall three-tier one is all the hanging space; it has hooks to dry clothes on hangers and space for shoes at the bottom.

The smaller one is practical because it takes up less space and folds flat after use.



Hang it (outside)

Retractable portable clothesline with clips and hooks

If you have an area big enough to hang clothes outside, here are some options to keep this area neat.

I prefer retractable clotheslines, especially if you have limited space outside, then I don't want to duck around a permanent setup.

If you don't want to drill holes in your wall, then the first option is for you. Hook this around two trees or whatever hookable surface is available and start hanging.

Wall mounted retractable clothesline

Otherwise, make use of the second option, attach it to a wall, and hook the retractable part onto another hook on an opposite wall.

Can you use retractable clotheslines inside as well? Yes sir! They retract or fold away, making them easy to hide when you're done using them.



Roll it

Extendable appliance rollers with washing machine

They see me rollin'...

Moving a washing machine, whether to clean underneath or connect to a water outlet, takes effort! Even a small one is heavier than it looks.

Make your life easier by putting some wheels on that bad boy.

Adjustable furniture dolly washing machine stand

Both these options are adjustable, meaning whether your machine is big or small, these can be adjusted to fit the base.


The Bottom Line

Your laundry room doesn't have to be a touchy subject. In this day and age, there are so many creative ideas for all types of spaces. Take my suggestions as such and use them to make your laundry room an area where you want to spend time.


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